What I do

Getting the best out of your people, will get the best out of your business

Traditional HR consultation is about telling a business what to do to solve a problem. 

I’m here to guide you through the process and show you how to not only solve that problem, but prevent new personnel-related challenges from arising.

  • Identify existing risks to the wellbeing of your people in your business, such as workplace stress.
  • Create effective person-centred strategies to overcome these challenges so they’re no longer costing your business precious time, resources, and money.
  • Effectively manage ongoing disputes and HR challenges, helping you to implement new approaches to minimise the chance of them happening again.
  • Rely on practical hands-on support from an employment expert. 
  • Build a superior working environment for your people so they see your business, its managers and their colleagues as a source of support through tough times.
  • Receive expert advice tailored to your unique circumstances, and benefit from the best HR practices to support your employees today and into the future.

Check out my packages below to explore how you can put people back at the heart of your business.

The Flexible Package

Expert HR advice and hands-on guidance as and when you need it.

The Growth Package

Create an instant HR department with one year of direct support.


The Transformation Package

Transform your HR approach so your people become your new superpower. 

The Flexible Package

Ideal for: Busy business owners who need help getting the most from employees and improving employment processes on an ad hoc basis.

People are at the heart of a successful business, but not everyone has the capacity, resources, or expertise to manage these crucial relationships. Rely on professional, bespoke HR guidance when the need arises and begin implementing transformative new HR processes for long-term gain.

I can support you with:

People in a meeting around a table in an modern office

New Starter on-boarding

Begin as you mean to go on with your new starter. From ensuring new contracts are fair for both parties to designing effective induction processes, establish a solid foundation to allow for a long, successful working relationship.

Managing performance and conducting disciplinary actions

Empower your staff with the understanding of how to excel in their role and map out together the ways in which you can better support them. Prepare thoroughly for a disciplinary or a dismissal with comprehensive HR guidance.

Navigate changes to terms and conditions

Without the proper legal processes, changes to terms and conditions can spell disaster for employers. Avoid common pitfalls with a thorough consultation process to minimise risk to the business and uphold your duty to your people.

Managing absence and sickness

Handle the matter of long-term absence with understanding, sensitivity, and confidence. Discover how best to get to the root cause of potential problems, offer the most efficient support and strategies, and implement proactive return-to-work procedures.

Grievances, bullying and harassment

Interpersonal relationship challenges in the workplace require a sensitive fair approach that reinforces trust and confidence. The key here is early intervention – access immediate support on how to resolve issues in a way that minimises harm and protects your people.

Support with redundancy

When handled incorrectly, redundancy can cause irrevocable damage to an individual or a business. Ensure your approach is both fair and compliant with employment law. Seek expert guidance to initiate, justify, conduct, and document your redundancy process.

Auditing existing HR processes and documentation

Like any good employer, you want your approach to employment to be fair and to centre on the people who work with you. Receive a comprehensive audit of your current approach to HR, refresh any outdated documentation, and design new processes that build a better future for your business.

The Growth Package

Ideal for: New or developing businesses that want the benefits of dedicated specialist HR guidance without having to establish a brand-new department.

Build brilliant HR practices into your business and secure its long-term success. The Growth Package offers a full year of expert HR consultation through a reliable retainer model.

Pick up the phone or drop me an email anytime, whether you’re reacting to an ongoing challenge or you want to take the opportunity to improve your strategy when it comes to your people.

I can support you with:


Introductory overhaul of your HR approach

Defending a claim is the worst time to realise your processes are putting your business at risk. Discover how your existing HR strategy is letting you down with a comprehensive audit. Implement new, fully compliant processes and identify key areas of potential development.

Complete telephone and email support

Reach for the phone as soon as you or your team encounter the need for immediate HR guidance. Growth Package clients can rely on priority support via phone or email for emerging HR challenges and ongoing strategy development.

Ongoing employment law compliance

HR and employment law is always being updated. Make it a priority for your business (without adding anything to your to-do list) and benefit from HR processes backed up by the very latest legislation and implemented with the advice of an employment specialist.

Communicate and document developments

Keeping the lines of communication clear and open with the people in your business is crucial. Use bespoke templates, letters and other essential communications to reflect your best intentions. Plus, ensure all changes are properly documented to protect your business and its people.

The Transformation Package

Ideal for: Businesses who want to reinvent their approach to HR by centring on the people who make up their business, enjoying long-term success.

This package will help businesses identify what the real causes of stress are in the workplace and help them transform how they treat their people by addressing them. 

Become a workplace that offers the right resources, culture and approach that means your people want to be there. Be a source of support, and watch as your people unlock their full performance potential – because they are actually happy, healthy and mentally well.

Attract and retain top talent, reduce instances of long-term sickness, and get the very best from your people – by offering them the very best in return.

I can support you with:

Comprehensive analysis of stress risks in the workplace

Positive change comes from a comprehensive understanding of what we’re currently working with. Access my exclusive analysis tool and use powerful, intelligent algorithms to figure out where the key stressors are, what they’re costing you financially, and how you can resolve them.

Introduce proactive, person-centred new processes

Once we identify how your business can be transformed, discover what solutions are out there to overcome your specific challenges. Explore strategies like flexible working, employment benefit packages, and better mental health access to find the correct support for your people that directly addresses the stresses that have been identified.

Project management and delivery

Big changes require specialist guided support to bed into a business. Rely on my experience managing projects and rolling out new initiatives. Navigate any significant statutory or funding compliance and budgetary constraints, plus receive help with implementing new strategies across your workforce with minimal resistance and disruption.

Celebrate positive people-first change

No manager comes in to work thinking: “I can’t wait to pressure this person to come back early from long-term sick!”. These strategies are all about supporting your people, improving workplace culture, and creating a place where people want to work. Enjoy the process and look forward to reaping the long-term business benefits.

Align and demonstrate core values

People want to work for something they believe in. Discover how to imbed your organisation’s core values into your business and demonstrate to your people that you genuinely care about them. Create initiatives that make their lives better, and benefit from happier employees who are fully aligned with, and loyal to, your organisation.

Pricing information

Every organisation is unique, from its obstacles to its objectives. The price of services and the available packages depend on you and your bespoke needs: I offer financially flexible options depending on circumstance.

Please get in touch to explore how I can support you and to secure a no-obligation quote.