Putting People at the Heart of Your Business

Discover how to solve your long-term HR challenges, retain your best talent, and create a workplace where people want to be.

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Support your business by uplifting your people

It’s a cliché for a reason – people are at the heart of every business.

As a business owner, manager, or leader, one of your biggest challenges is juggling what you need from the people who work for you with what they need from you.

It’s not about choosing one or the other – with the right process, measures and culture in place, you can strike that perfect balance.

Unlock the true potential of your people by creating a workspace they flock to and thrive in.

What kind of HR support suits you?

Like every business, yours will have its own unique DNA of culture, successes and challenges and, as such, it requires a unique solution.

Whether you’re looking for flexible ongoing HR problem-solving or you want a full deep-dive on how you can unlock your people’s potential, I offer several packages to suit your needs.

The Flexible Package

Ideal for businesses who need ad hoc HR support, consultation, and effective, human-first solutions. Ensure your employee-related processes are robust and up to the minute. Handling an ongoing HR challenge? Seek help on how to proceed. I can also offer guidance on updating your employment benefits package to retain and attract talent, long term.

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The Growth Package

The success of a business hinges on the people behind it. Evolve how you look after your people, and see the business benefits first hand, with the 12-month Growth Package – no HR department necessary. Retain the perfect number of hours to suit your needs, receive hands-on expert guidance, and take steps to become a truly ethical person-first business.

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The Transformation Package

Unlock your true potential as a business and supercharge performance – by becoming the place everyone wants to work at. Access my exclusive analysis tools to map workplace stress (and learn what it’s costing your business). Implement bespoke, expert HR strategies to overcome long-term retention challenges, low morale, and poor team performance.

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The stats

It is my mission to introduce businesses to the necessary processes and practices that will not only protect their business, but help the people in those businesses thrive.

Ill mental health costs UK employers over £15bn per year.

Work related stress occurs when the pressure from a job exceeds a person’s ability to cope. This happens when there is an imbalance between the perceived reward and the effort.

In 2018, half of all work absences were due to work related stress.
Many business factors can contribute to work related stress, including:
  • A lack of processes and procedures
  • Career uncertainty
  • Perceived unfairness in decision making
  • Lack of clarity about what to expect

Yorkshire & Humber had the highest rate of work related stress with 1,830 cases for every 100,000 people.

Failing to protect yourself and your employees is failing to protect your business. I’ve seen this happen and have experienced it myself.

What do your team and processes say about you as an employer?

People are at the heart of every business.

The average British employee will work for over 3,500 days.

It is your responsibility, as business owners, managers and leaders, to ensure each employee is treated fairly and feels valued.

But how do you demonstrate that commitment to them?

As an employment consultant, it is my job to help you do that.

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My personal and professional story

Our relationships, including the ones we share with colleagues, managers, and work friends, shape and define who we are as people. My approach to HR consultation grew from this seed of truth – and it’s why I provide organisations with the tools to nurture these critical relationships.

My insights

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