About Humanity HR

Humanity HR is an HR consultancy that helps you put the people back at the heart of your business.

When things are going well and everyone in the business is happy and motivated, it’s easy to forget what the alternative looks like. 

Challenges like long-term absence, workplace stress, and interpersonal conflict feel a world away, which is why they can shake the foundations of a business when they come out of the blue

Unlock people performance by preventing harm – in and out of the workplace

Business owners are rarely HR experts themselves – and you shouldn’t have to be. 

When challenges develop, leaders should be able to call on an expert to provide a bespoke solution – especially if the goal is to be proactive in preventing harm and remembering the people at the heart of any HR process.

This is where I can support you, your business, and the people within it. As an experienced, ethically focused, independent HR Consultant, my objective is to empower you to become an ethical person-first business so you can enjoy all the long-term business benefits.

Together, we can:

  • identify, reduce and eventually prevent workplace stresses
  • implement proactive strategies to ensure you retain fantastic talent
  • boost business performance by unlocking your people’s potential

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My approach

“In the absence of clarity, people presume wrongdoing and resort to self-protection. By being clear and fair, we avoid the pitfalls of contention.”

Hands-on HR

As your HR consultant, I consider myself part of your team. Just as every person is unique, so too is every business, and I offer advice that’s bespoke to you. And when I offer advice, I’ll get stuck in with audits, documentation, implementing new processes, and embedding changes in management approach across the business.

Ethical HR

There are many approaches to managing people and their relationship with a business – mine is ethical HR. I treat every individual in the business as just that: an individual. By examining each person’s role objectively and understanding a business from the inside out, I can advise on action that is fundamentally fair.

Proactive solutions

The best way to solve a problem is to ensure it doesn’t occur in the first place. If you require support for an urgent HR challenge, I’ll offer direct guidance on how to manage the situation. By implementing person-centred HR processes that prioritise wellbeing, I ensure your business is in the best position to prevent future issues.

Up-to-the-minute guidance

Employment law is, by its nature, constantly being updated. Legislation changes to reflect new insights, as we discover how workplaces can (and must) fulfil their duty to their employees. By working with me, you can rest assured that your business is operating with the latest legally compliant guidance, processes, and approaches.

Invaluable business learnings

As I guide you in how to resolve emerging HR challenges, I will also empower you with a thorough understanding of your exact duties as an employer. This minimises risk to the business, but it also gives you the tools and insight needed to create a fair, low-stress, person-first working environment, where people actively want to be.

Ella Stockdale

Ella Stockdale: Independent HR Consultant and Managing Director of Humanity HR

My approach is designed to help the people in your business to get the best results for you. Take a look at the Humanity HR packages to explore how we might work together, or get in touch to talk through your unique business or HR challenges.

My personal and professional story

My journey to HR consultation started with a revelation. 

Our relationships shape and define who we are as people and how we move through life, whatever their context.

For many people, the relationships we develop with the people we work with are just as important and consequential as those we share with family or friends.

It’s been a long road, but every twist and turn has given me a keener insight into understanding how to better manage, nurture, and get the very best from people in the workplace.